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Zoning Permits and Approvals

If you have any questions, contact Zoning Inspector Mike Joyce: 440-286-5511 or


Zoning permits/approvals are required when a building or structure is being built, moved, added to, or altered. A Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained prior to occupying a new residence.


Contact the Zoning Inspector at for an appointment to obtain a zoning permit prior to beginning construction on any of the following:

  • Single Family Residential Unit

  • Residential Addition

  • External Storage Structure

  • Fence

  • Swimming Pool (Inground or Above Ground)

All fees must be paid at the time the application is made.


The following is a list of common zoning violations and references to the specific relevant sections of the Aquilla Village Zoning Resolution. Please file a complaint regarding any of these by clicking here.

  • Storage of inoperable vehicles

  • Operating a commercial business out of a residential property

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