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Village Financials

Yearly Budgets

The Budget is adopted annually by the Village Council and approved by the Geauga County Auditor. It is the official financial plan for the Village's operating departments.


Financial transactions of the Village are maintained in five individual funds:

  1. General

  2. Roads

  3. Street Lighting

  4. Motor Vehicle License

  5. Gas Tax.


These funds make up the operating budget of the Village and account for all expenses and revenue transactions.

In addition to this, the Village of Aquilla received an ARPA grant in excess of $30,000 which will be used to implement capital improvements to the park over the next 3 years.  These improvements will include the addition of picnic tables, tree removal, swing sets, and increased parking capacity.  If any residents have further suggestions about how to implement a longer development plan for the park, please reach out to one of the council members with your ideas.

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