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Community Maintenance

Good morning Aquilla residents! After the storm a few days ago, Lake Aquilla has flooded, raising its water level almost an additional 30".  The roadway connecting Turner and Goredon at the very bottom of the village near the water has been closed until further notice.

Thank you for understanding.

-Mayor Rich Wolfe

If you have any questions on the following services contact 440-286-5511 or

Snow Removal

The Village contracts with a private entity for salting and plowing roadways during the winter months.

Spring Clean-Up Event

To assist residents in discarding larger items, every Spring, The Village sponsors a Spring Clean-Up event. A contracted waste removal service will pick-up larger, properly processed items such as refrigerators and bulk scrap materials. This is a drive-way to drive-way pick-up service for Aquilla residents only.

Lawn Maintenance

During the warm months, the Village contracts with a private entity to mow and trim grass in several common areas, including the Town Hall and the Village Park.

Leaf Pickup

Every fall, Aquilla Village retains a leaf removal service to facilitate the disposal of our large volume of leaves. Crews spend several weeks vacuuming leaves that residents rake to the tree lawns. The service is provided to Village residents at no charge. Pick-up schedule is posted in the Fall.

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